Does Using Yeshua's English Name Work?

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There was a young man who contacted me because he was interested in hearing about my experiences. This man had seen one of my videos explaining that so-called "aliens" are in fact demons. His father, who was a Pastor, also had some experiences with these demonic beings. Over the course of weeks and months, he would periodically send me a question or ask my thoughts on the subject. I started mentioning to him that he was spending far too much time on the dark side, and that he should change his focus to Jesus. I could tell that he was too interested in these beings for his own good. Of course, I learned this lesson the hard way and I didn't want him to fall into a dangerous obsession. This of course was coming from my personal experience, because near the end of my filming, it had moved quickly from a "paranormal hobby" to a full-blown obsession. Even an addiction. I found out how "addicted" I was when I had to erase all of my footage. It was very tough. In one night I had to erase 3 months of work. Not to mention that some of the footage was some of the most amazing real footage that I had ever seen.

One day this same young man sent me a message telling me that I had to meet his new friend. I was told that this particular woman was something really special. He told me how she knew so much about Christianity. He really talked about her as some kind of spiritual leader who knew all the answers. Before I knew it, I had a friend request from this very same woman. I accepted, and then I went to check her out and see what this man was so excited about. Well, the first video about this woman was about how the name "Jesus" isn't correct. For those who don't know, Jesus is the English translation of the Hebrew name "Yeshua".

There were statements in her video that were so blasphemous-I wouldn't even repeat them. There was mention that it's not his real name. That people who call upon that name aren't saved etc, etc. After watching this particular video, that was pure and utter trash, I asked her one simple question, "Why does using the name Jesus Christ drive away demons?"

That question must have thrown the "spiritual guru" through a loop, because her response was less than impressive. She told me that it has never worked for her. Once I saw a few seconds of her video, I knew immediately that I was dealing with a false teacher. A "Wolf in sheep's clothing" if you will. Of course, I went back and deleted her from my list of contacts. Then I messaged this acquaintance of mine, who I was communicating with over the last few months. I told him that this woman was a false teacher and to never ever send me such garbage again. Unfortunately, I never heard back from this man. I figure he must have gone on to follow her. My only hope is that he doesn't sport the NIKE sneakers and drink the Kool Aid.

As I'm sure some of you know, there are so many false teachers out there. These false teachers claim to be Christians, but ultimately they want to bring all the attention upon themselves. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Wasn't it that Lucifer guy who wanted to make himself as God (sarcastic)? If you haven't learned by now, IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS! If I wasn't IN CHRIST, I'd be NOTHING. A person who doesn't have Jesus in their life, has NOTHING. They could be the richest person on the earth, but they truly have NOTHING without Jesus. Some people fool themselves. These people can't take their riches with them when they die.

I want to share a true story with you. This story is taken from a personal experience of mine that really happened quite recently. First, demons are cowards. This is why most demonic attacks occur at night. In warfare, the element of a "surprise" attack can mean the difference between winning or losing a battle. Hitler knew this very well. That is why he would do a "surprise" attack and not make an official declaration of war. The Germans wouldn't have gotten as far into Russia had there been an official declaration war. Furthermore, look at Japan attacking Pearl Harbor. Surprise is critical! The enemy is caught off-guard. They're not ready. They're not prepared. It's interesting how most so-called "alien-abductions" occur at night while the person is sleeping. If you had to fight a heavy weight boxer, would you stand a better chance fighting him in the ring or while he slept? Remember, to the demons, ANY human is their enemy because we are all made in the image of God.

One night, not that long ago, I turned off the bedside lamp and "called it a night." A few hours past, and sometime around 3a.m. I found myself in quite an awful predicament to put it lightly. You see, I was absolutely wide awake, but to my own horror, I was being "pulled" upwards at a tremendous speed. Of course, I must mention that "I" was also no longer in my body. My physical body was still lying in bed next to my wife. This wasn't a dream. I was fully conscious the entire time that this occurred. I was WIDE AWAKE. I didn't know where I was going, but I sensed that I was ascending rather than descending. Furthermore, I also "knew" that what was happening-wasn't "good." Meaning, this was not a "Heavenly" experience.

Once I realized the situation I was in, I called out to my wife! Nothing. I think it was just a reaction, since I knew that she was next to me sleeping. Nothing at all happened. I was still being pulled upwards at a very high rate of speed. I called my wife's name again! Nothing. At this point I knew that I was in some serious trouble. Again, I don't know where I was being taken, but I certainly had the feeling that they (demonic) were trying to kill me. It was just a knee-jerk reaction to call for my wife because I was completely caught off-guard. After all, she was the last person I saw before I went to sleep. Finally, as I continued to be pulled upwards, I called out "JESUS!".

Did Jesus' name work? INSTANTLY. Instantly I was back into my physical body that had been laying beside my wife the entire time. It happened so fast, that once I called out His name, not a second, not a millisecond went by afterwards. It was absolutely instantaneous. I'm still not sure why this experience happened. God controls all levels of harassment. These evil beings are only allowed to go as far as God will let them. God is ALWAYS in control. I've learned that sometimes God will allow things to happen to strengthen my faith and draw me closer to HIM. Naturally HE does this to others as well. I've certainly learned not to call my wife's name first! I had to add in a little humor there, but wasn't this a perfect way for Jesus to show me that I should TRUST IN HIM. God keeps HIS promises. If He says that nothing can pluck one of HIS sheep out of HIS hand, then it's true! NOTHING CAN PLUCK ONE OF HIS SHEEP OUT OF HIS HAND. JESUS TRULY IS THE GOOD SHEPHERD.

In conclusion, the woman who was the false teacher claimed that using the name of Jesus Christ didn't work for her. There is no truth in false teachers. False teachers are liars who may only use some half-truths to make them appear legitimate. I highly doubt she even had any spiritual warfare experience as she had stated. Secondly, God protects His children. I highly doubt that a person who stated such blasphemy's to Jesus' name is a child of God. Thirdly, only a believer can have success using Jesus' name. Just as the same way Jesus stated that "a lack of faith" was the reason that some of the Disciples were not able to cast out demons. My motivation for this article is because this lie has been told to me by more than just this one false teacher. Let me finish by placing a short personal prayer for you and I below-and especially for those who have not yet accepted Jesus as their Savior. I give all thanks and praise to God for saving, protecting, and guiding me. Please read the following prayer that I have written because I believe that God will hear it.


Thank you for ALL of YOUR blessings. I am so thankful to you for sending your precious Son Jesus Christ to pay for my sins. Jesus shed his precious blood on the cross to pay for MY sins. Your Son Jesus has transferred his righteousness to me, so that I may be declared righteous before you FATHER. Thank you for your FREE GIFT of eternal life God. I receive Jesus with ALL of my heart and I gratefully accept YOUR FREE GIFT of eternal life right now. Thank you for saving me Jesus. When I think of all of the excruciating pain and torment you went through on the cross for me Jesus, I have no doubts of your LOVE for me. I love you right back Jesus. Come into my life Jesus. I welcome you with open arms. Please make yourself real to me Jesus. You are deserving of ALL of my worship Jesus! You are MY Savior and MY Lord. I pray IN YOUR NAME JESUS that you protect me and all of my loved ones. Jesus, I seek to know you. I want a relationship with you Jesus.

I LOVE you Father. I LOVE you Jesus. I LOVE you Holy Spirit. All glory to you my God.


God Bless you.

In Christ,