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And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

Matthew 16:19


I recall watching a video years ago concerning “chemtrails” and how the government is spraying the population with chemicals. I couldn't believe that the chemtrail phenomenon could be happening on such a massive scale. After the video I became more aware of the chemtrails throughout the sky in my own city. Day after day I would observe the streaks of white spray coming from the planes on a constant basis. The plane would leave a line of white “cloud” behind it across the blue sky. Then more planes would be spray the sky until it looked like a grid pattern. I observed how the spray seemed to block out the sun. Over time the spray would expand until the clear blue sky was not clear anymore. The bright blue sunny day would become overcast with clouds from the spray.

Chemtrails Exposed

The conspiracy theory behind the chemtrails was normally weather modification or the depopulation agenda; or both. My first thoughts were that this must be costing the governments of the world trillions upon trillions of dollars to spread chemicals from planes on a daily basis. The logistics alone would be so staggering it would be impossible to fathom. I had many questions: Why are the planes always so far away you can hardly see them? Why don't you see them landing at any airports? Why is most of the general population oblivious to this phenomenon? Why are pilots not talking about this? Why are people not enraged by these planes polluting our sky when I could receive a fine for idling my vehicle for too long?

Personally, I found it extremely disheartening when I realized that these planes were spraying in my area just as I had seen in the videos online. I felt so helpless. We were all victims and there was nothing we could do about it. Or was there?

After discovering this reality, for years I would find it depressing to look up at the sky and see these planes spraying on a daily basis. However, there were doubts fermenting in the back of my mind for a long time. Something just wasn't adding up. From a logistics standpoint these planes spraying daily seemed impossible. Interestingly, it was really the logistics of the whole operation all over the world that had me start to question the entire phenomenon. I wasn't questioning whether the chemtrail phenomenon was actually happening. There was no doubt in my mind about that because I could see the streaks of white in the sky with my own eyes. So what is really going on? This was not making sense and I knew there must be more to it but I couldn't identify what it was.

I began looking deeper in my research on the internet. As my questioning persisted over the years I began wondering if there was some kind of spiritual component to this chemtrail phenomenon. I was also thinking why would God allow this to be taking place? I also was reminded that the god of this world, Satan, controls this world and it should be no surprise that something like this would be happening.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ I eventually found the truth behind the chemtrail phenomenon. I can't recall exactly what specific video or thought brought me to the truth of the matter but I give all the glory to God.

I went outside with my phone one day and sure enough there was a plane spreading chemtrails in the sky above my neighbourhood at that very moment. I started recording the “plane” and praying at the same time against the so-called “plane.” I believed that the “plane” was actually a demon/fallen angel in the disguise of a plane. As I commanded the demon to stop spraying in the name of Jesus Christ...something strange happened. The spray coming from the tail of the “plane” became fainter until it disappeared. I couldn't believe my eyes as it stopped and the plane became so distant it went out of sight.

Now I had clear evidence that my lingering thoughts about chemtrails being demonic were in fact true. I continued infrequently praying against chemtrails during the following years and time and again Jesus' name stopped the chemtrails. It was only recently that I discovered the magnitude of what was really happening in our skys around the world. Think about this for a moment: we are seeing actual demonic manifestations in our atmosphere all over the world. Everyone can see these so-called “chemtrails” if they simply look up. Surely we are in the end times!

Sometimes God seems distant. Nothing strengthens my faith more than to see my Lord in action destroying the spray left behind by the fallen. When I see the spray being destroyed before my very eyes it reminds me that I serve a living God! Jesus has risen and is alive and you can know him too! If these were real planes than Jesus' name would have no impact on them whatsoever. However, Jesus' name works almost every time stopping the chemtrails in their tracks. When Jesus' name doesn't work as well, it's because of my lack of faith at the moment (Some of the demons have more strength and take longer to stop also)! It is truly awe inspiring to see God and his Holy Angels in real time battling the works of darkness before my very eyes.


There is a growing awakening among those who are aware of this phenomenon. All the glory to God because I believe he is opening some eyes. I've seen videos of other Christians praying against the demonic manifestations and the so-called “planes” break-apart and turn into orbs. Praying against these demons can cause them to actually lose their disguise of a plane. I've seen videos where the “planes” have glowing parts that a real plane simply does not have. In the same video the fellow Christian reads an article that describes the fallen Angels are actually dropping demons through the spray all over the designated area to be attacked. When you see footage of paratroopers jumping from an airplane: kind of the same idea. People have seen demonic faces within the spray.

If you are not a Christian than you should do your own research into Christians praying against demonic Chemtrails. Apparently there are satanists, witches, and evil doers who are aiding the forces of darkness to achieve these manifestations. This is Spiritual Warfare in every sense of the word. I've seen one post where a person stated that once he realized that these “planes” were not real planes at all: he immediately turned to Jesus. Non-believers are always stating to show them proof that Jesus is real: watching real Christians using Jesus' name to stop chemtrails in their tracks is some of the best proof out there.

Finally, only a Child of God who has been bought by the shed blood of Jesus Christ has the authority to trample on these snakes and scorpions. In addition, the Child of God needs to be fully aware of their authority in Jesus. It is also of high importance for any Child of God to confess their sins and ask God to cleanse them of their sins before attempting to pray against these demonic manifestations. A non-believer has absolutely no authority over the demons. A non-believer should never try to use Jesus' name because they do not have the protection that a saved believer has in Christ. It would be foolish and dangerous for a non-believer to even attempt to use Jesus' name. As the Bible states, non-believers are already under God's condemnation and need to repent and believe in our Savior Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, non-believers should research the chemtrail phenomenon from this perspective. If you are seriously looking for the truth, you with find that JESUS CHRIST IS THE TRUTH! Brothers and sisters in Christ! Wake up! Jesus is alive and well! We serve a Living God! Now that you know the truth behind this demonic phenomenon...PRAY! Jesus has given you his authority to destroy Satan's works. Pray over the skies in your local area to destroy the harm that these demonic manifestations are causing. Think of the evil in mood changes, health issues, and violence these demonic entities are causing through this spraying. We are NOT helpless! We are soldiers in God's army and we need to fight the good fight daily!

All the glory to Jesus Christ!

God bless you.


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