The Mandatory Switch

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There are enough conspiracy theorists in the world right now that I’m quite content to not be one of them. There really are more than enough to go around-some sane, some genuine wackos. I could do articles where I can go over photo evidence where it appears that we have never landed on the moon and it’s all a huge hoax. I could show some pretty convincing photos where you can see cables attached to the astronauts to help them jump ‘in space.’ I could find photos where the sunlight and the shadows on some of the lunar shots simply don’t make any sense.
Then of course I could play a video where witness after witness describes hearing secondary explosions underneath the World Trade Center buildings before they collapsed. Then I could bring up how they found traces of Thermalite within the debris. I could also point to the proof of an ‘inside job’ just simply from the ‘Building 7’ collapse.
Furthermore, I could mention that it seems more and more likely that the assassination of John Lennon was a ‘hit’ from the underworld. I could state that there was an individual who apparently John admitted that he ‘sold his soul’ to the devil- in a 20 year pact for fame and fortune. I could argue that Lennon’s assassin showed clear signs of demonic possession for a long time prior to the assassination-in fact, as he was about to fire at Lennon’s back, he heard voices say something along the lines of ‘I want him’ and “Do it! Do it!”
However, as I have stated clearly, I am not a conspiracy theorist. It was clear to me from the beginning with sharing my testimony- that adding any additional conspiracy theories would only ‘water down’ and hurt my testimony. My true story would then drift out to sea with all of the other conspiracy theories and become so diluted that it would become forgettable. This is why I tend to focus on my personal testimony. Basically, it starts with my personal testimony and then, if I feel it may be beneficial, I will add my thoughts on what may be the result in my opinion.
The Mandatory Switch
As the sun faded and the night set in, the wind grew stronger and stronger. The rain pelted against my picture window as I watched the television in my comfortable leather chair. I could hear the gusts of wind against the house and it was affecting the satellite signal. The show I was watching would temporarily stop and the picture would freeze. As the wind continued to blow, it started to become more and more difficult to enjoy my show due to the constant interruptions.
Finally, the wind and rain were strong enough to knock out my satellite reception for a few minutes. The screen froze and a warning message came on that stated something along the lines of, “Attention: the satellite receiver has failed to receive a signal. Please stand by while we are re-acquiring your signal during this process.”
Now I had seen demonic faces on the television and computer screens since all of this began back in the summer of 2008. However, I don’t have a PVR to pause the television, so I thought this was a good opportunity to see what appeared on the screen during this random ‘freezing’ due to the poor signal.
As I approached the television, I could begin to see quite literally the demonic faces on the screen. I walked right up to the television and knelt down to take a closer look. Now, at this point, some may be fearful thinking this man is crazy to approach a television with faces of demons on it. My response would be that there is absolutely nothing to fear when you are IN Christ. As I learned the hard way, it’s one thing to go chasing after these things and opening up the door to demonic attacks. Basically, if an individual is chasing them, then they can expect heightened attacks. However, it’s a totally different story when I want nothing to do with these demons and they are trying to flood my home via the television- as crazy as that sounds.
From my previous experience, I can tell you in all confidence that individuals who simply watch real paranormal media on television or computers can be attacked from viewing the footage. Again, from my personal experience, I’ve seen enough cases when a person has been attacked from just watching a clip. For example, there was an instance after a lady watched one of my clips and she looked at the window above her monitor and saw a demon in the glass looking at her. It looked like what people call the classic “grey” alien face- of course, there are no aliens- these are demons. It wasn’t physically at the woman’s window. These evil beings are unclean spirits.
As I slowly scanned my television screen, I could see dozens – quite possibly hundreds- of tiny demonic faces watching me. Each face is very tiny on the screen-some faces are larger than others. Some faces seem to have a more evil expression than others- of course they are all evil. By now I would say that I’m an expert at identifying where these evil spirits are on the screen. However, to the untrained eye, they could easily be missed. Not to mention on top of this, that there is a real supernatural component where some people can see them and some people cannot- no matter how hard they may try.
The demonic faces are the easiest to see in digital media – especially when there is a ‘pause’ or ‘freeze’ and you can see the pixels. I could see them in this particular instance quite clearly because most of the screen was ‘pixelated’ when the satellite signal froze.
What concerns me of course is not just this one particular frozen frame- my concern is that this proves to me that there is a constant digital stream of demonic entities while the television is on. In other words, from the moment the television is turned on and I begin watching network shows, there is a constant barrage of unwanted demonic activity. Although demons most certainly do not need this form of electronic device to watch people-they most certainly use these devices on a consistent basis.
So why are they using these electronic devices – especially digital media to perform their activity? In my particular case, there is a definite element of harassment for sure. However, it’s more than that. Another thought is that they don’t have the same kind of access to a Christian in that person’s physical environment so they may use these devices as a portal, if you will. Think about it. I’m telling you with 100% certainty that these beings really do use these devices-I’ve witnessed it personally too many times to mention. I’m quite convinced that these demons are appearing on every other television as well- again, especially digital. They seem to be able to use digital media more easily- or maybe it’s just that they are easier to be seen with digital.
This leads me to my next question: Why the mandatory switch to digital? Again, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. However, I’ve witnessed these evil beings appearing numerous times on digital devices so this is very personal. So why the mandatory switch to digital television?
“The DTV Delay Act changed the mandatory analog cut-off date to June 12, although stations were permitted to cease analog transmissions before the new mandatory cut-off date. The legislation was enacted on February 4, 2009, and on February 11, 2009, President Barack Obama signed it into law…US full-power analog TV broadcasts were required by law to end in 2009. Since March 1, 2007, all new television devices that receive signals over-the-air, including pocket-sized portable televisions, personal computer video capture card tuners, and DVD recorders, have been required to include digital ATSC tuners.”
Knowing what I’ve personally seen, this has always struck me as a ‘red flag’ from the moment I first heard it. Maybe within this context, you may think it’s a little odd as well. Maybe it’s nothing at all! In my humble opinion though, I don’t think so.
This is pure speculation on my part, but there may be something far more sinister to a simple mandatory switch from analog to digital. Again, judging from seeing these demons use these digital devices- there may be something a whole lot larger to this seemingly innocent simple transition.
Here is the bombshell- this is the possible scenario as to why this mandatory transition was signed into law: the groundwork for the Anti-Christ is taking place. It is my belief that the Anti-Christ is going to use the television as his primary communication device. Since the majority of people in America (and the world) do not have the most up-to-date gadget- the Anti-Christ will know this and will use the most common electronic device as his platform: the television.
Now, knowing that demons are able to use this digital device- the Ant-Christ will have a literal portal into the population’s very homes. I’m not merely saying that the average viewer will be able to view the Anti-Christ and hear him. The Anti-Christ will most likely be far more convincing than that. Remember, this impostor wants to be worshiped- he wants you to think he’s the actual Messiah. I’ve heard it mentioned before that the Anti-Christ may appear on television and speak to people in various languages simultaneously. I’ve also heard it mentioned that he may not even be moving his mouth – it may appear telepathic. How could this be done? Through demons! Demons using these digital devices. Does this sound unbelievable to you? I’ve seen these demons defy logic. It is mind-blowing what they can do.
How would demons do this? First of all, with the number of demons I’ve personally witnessed, I’m fairly convinced that there are far more demons around than what some think. The Bible says that approximately a third fell with Satan. I would estimate that there are billions of demons around this earth- billions and billions – quite possibly, and this is speculating- many more demons than human beings. This is why I think Satan doesn’t just give assignments to just one demon per person – but several- if not dozens or hundreds depending on the individual. I’ve personally seen hundreds. This is not to be afraid. Demons are a reality and Jesus is the TRUTH. As long as you have Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you have nothing to fear.
Secondly, with so many demons around in the unseen world- they act as chains or a conduit of information that is transferred back and forth and to other demons and Satan as well-Satan of course being their Commander. Psychics get their information from demons by these chains whether they know it or not. Demons also organize attacks against people through this organization etc. There is a definite chain of command between Satan and his demons.
Thirdly, with the demons in place to act as a chain (or think of it as a wire that runs electricity) for the information from the Anti-Christ, they can then perform the false miracles, signs, and wonders. Very similar to how they would harass a possessed individual by speaking audibly or inside the person’s head-or basically whatever manifestations the demons want the individual to see. Therefore, when the Anti-Christ does appear on television- the goal of these demons is to carry out these “signs and wonders” so that the viewer will be convinced and accept him.
These theories are mere speculations; however the Bible does make it clear that the Anti-Christ will perform signs and wonders. Don’t underestimate these signs and wonders. Again, I have seen demons appear without any trickery whatsoever. These evil beings are able to manifest both physically and audibly. They are able to defy logic and the laws of physics as we know it.
As this article presented, one possible scenario of the mandatory switch to digital television is to prepare the groundwork for the Anti-Christ’s arrival upon the world’s stage.
In early 2009, I received the message from God, “The alien/UFO phenomenon will be used to explain the rapture to non-believers.” What I see as a possible scenario is this: the rapture happens ‘out of the blue.’ The vast majority of people were not prepared whatsoever and have no clue as to the reports of missing people who suddenly vanished in the ‘twinkling of an eye’ around the world. In reality, the missing individuals were true believers in Christ who were saved before the rapture occurred.
With millions upon millions of people mysteriously missing- the Anti-Christ will know it is his time to take the world’s stage. The Anti-Christ has been waiting for the rapture to take place so that he can finally make his move. Seemingly overnight, this man’s face will appear everywhere. This man will be the ‘buzz’ all over the globe. This man will be on everyone’s lips.
The Anti-Christ will appear on television. It will be a huge global spectacle that the media has never witnessed before. People will be ‘glued’ to their television sets to watch this man who claims to be the Messiah. Through the use of television, and more specifically demons- the Anti-Christ will do ‘great’ miracles, signs, and wonders so that even the more skeptical people will be sold on his lies.
The Anti-Christ will use the “alien” lie that Satan has been cultivating all this time to be used to explain the rapture. He will say something along the lines of that the Christians were holding back the evolution on earth and have been taken aboard alien spacecrafts. He will say something like they are perfectly alright-they are with our space brothers – they had to be taken out of the equation because they were slowing down our progress and spiritual growth.
Many will fall for the lie. Many will end up separated forever from God because they will choose this false Messiah instead of the real Son of God-Jesus Christ. ╬