Nothing to Chance

Update: October 16, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: At the time of this article I believed that the Chemtrail "planes" were physical planes. However, experience has proved that these so-called "planes" are not planes at all. What are they? They are literal demonic manifestations in the sky. Christians praying against these chemtrails can literally stop them in their tracks.  The Lord Jesus Christ has proved this to me time and again. Remember that only a true believer in Jesus Christ can command these demons to stop in Jesus' name. A non-believer will have no effect. Check out some of my youtube videos to see God in action against these fallen angels. All the glory to Jesus Christ!
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“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
-Adolf Hitler


The following article is a theory that will explain the current deceitful actions that are taking place on a daily basis all around the world. I do not classify this as a conspiracy theory because I believe this is the Bible prophecies unfolding before our very eyes. Although I have prayed to God for further revelation over the last few years – I would state that this is merely my opinion. I have been given no direct message concerning the details that I am about to discuss.

Nothing to Chance

There is one entity who believes in the pre-tribulation rapture seemingly more than anyone else on earth. This entity believes in the pre-tribulation rapture more than the majority of Christians themselves. Again, this entity believes that the pre-tribulation rapture is going to occur for certain more so than many saved, born-again believers in Jesus Christ. Have you guessed who this entity is? That’s right – it’s Satan. Satan knows that the pre-tribulation rapture is going to occur. However, Satan has a slight problem. Satan’s problem is that he doesn’t know WHEN the pre-tribulation rapture is going to occur. Only God knows when the pre-tribulation rapture is going to occur. Furthermore, no human on earth knows the timing of the rapture nor will any of us ever know. It is possible that someone could throw out some guesses and be accidently correct. However, this would only be accidental and that individual wouldn’t have known for certain.

Just as some humans continue make some educated guesses – Satan himself continues to make educated guesses on when the actual rapture by Jesus Christ will happen. Unlike most people however, Satan’s dilemma is not whether or not the rapture is going to happen – Satan knows that the rapture is going to happen – it’s the WHEN that he is trying to be prepared.

What is Satan’s motivation? Souls. Satan’s goal has not changed since he failed in his revolt to overthrow God Himself. Since his failure, Satan knows he cannot destroy God so he wants to destroy humanity because we are made in God’s image. Satan’s method is to lie and deceive people so that they will not come to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. Satan goes through extreme lengths to keep people away from Jesus because Jesus is the ONLY way to be saved and therefore to avoid the complete separation from God for all eternity.

Although we are only going to scratch the surface, let us delve deeper into what I believe may be going on. It must be stated that I am merely speculating what may or may not be the case. First, for years now it circulated around about certain government project called “Project Blue Beam.” In a nutshell, this project appears to use cutting-edge holograms which would be projected into the sky. These holograms are apparently very realistic and can be used to project anything from aircraft to religious figures and anything in-between.

Chemtrails appear to be another project of the world’s governments where planes are spraying various toxins high-up in the atmosphere that eventually fall to the ground. These planes are spraying these chemicals into the air and they leave a long white streak in the sky for an abnormal amount of time. Eventually, the long streak spreads out and can even be mistaken for a cloud. Quite often when you see one of these planes flying through the air – you will see more. I recall one day recently when I must have seen close to a dozen of these planes flying through the sky. Frequently, they make a grid-like pattern in the sky and certainly have a specific area to spray.

This is where it gets interesting. I did a little more research and came across the testimony of an ordinary citizen in a community who was concerned about these planes flying overhead spraying chemicals. This man set out bowls of water one day during the usual Chemtrail spraying. The man then had the water that he collected from the bowls sent to a lab to be tested. What were the results? One of the chemicals that were found in higher quantities was Barium.

With this discussion of “Project Blue beam” and “Chemtrails”, where is this going? I kept trying to solve the mystery of the Chemtrails and determine ‘why’ they are going through such trouble to spray our atmosphere. This may be a possible scenario as far-fetched as it may seem: Barium, the chemical found in significant quantities from that lab test, is also a great conductor for aiding to manifest hologram images in the sky according to some further research. Therefore, it is possible that the Chemtrails we are seeing in the sky are just a compliment to Project Blue beam. In other words, Project Blue Beam is the projector – and the Chemtrails, specifically the Barium found in the Chemtrails – is the projection screen.


Undoubtedly, there are numerous factors involved and goals to be achieved with the spraying of toxins throughout our atmosphere. One of those goals may be to provide a constant canvass for government Hologram technology. If you begin to research various theories, many believe that the government is planning a fake rapture. In my opinion, I disagree with this on the reason that I know there will be a real rapture by Jesus at any time. The rapture is indeed Biblical and there is support for the rapture in the Scriptures (see my article, “Like a Thief in the Night”). Remember, Satan is very real and he does not know exactly the timing of when Jesus is coming back in the clouds to call up His Church (the rapture event of true believers in Christ).

Satan’s plan to explain-away the missing true believers in Christ is to deceive those who are left-behind into thinking they were taken-up by so-called “aliens” and “UFOs”. The very fact that Satan does not know the exact timing means that he has to be prepared at any given moment for when the real rapture by Jesus occurs. Satan has been carefully cultivating his “alien” and “UFO” lie for years to have everything fall into place at the time of the rapture. Satan is leaving nothing to chance. Basically, Satan wants to get the most ‘bang for his buck’. Of course, we are talking about the lost souls who will perish without knowing Jesus and thus be separated from God for all eternity. The eternal consequences for those who reject the truth of Jesus Christ could not be more horrific and unimaginable. Only Jesus can forgive our sins – that is why He shed His blood on the cross. Finally, in my opinion, a possible scenario is that at the moment of the real rapture by Jesus – a holographic lightshow is prepared to show the so-called “alien craft” to further convince those left-behind of this strong delusion- thus keeping them from turning to Jesus.