Strange Days

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I sit and stare at my gold cross that is on my desk. The gold cross shines in the darkness of my room.  As I look at the cross, my ears continue to ring as they have for most of the night. I’ve become quite used to the ringing in my ears over the last few years. I know for certain that the source of the ringing in my ears is demons. The demonic harassment is especially strong this evening. I’ve felt their presence throughout the day. When I had the television on earlier, they constantly manifested into the screen. I also felt physical manifestations today over my head area. It’s difficult to describe the physical manifestations to people who haven’t had any previous attacks themselves. I can’t see what they’re doing, but I can feel something like a foreign substance over my forehead. I could almost describe it as walking through a spider web and you can feel it over your skin. Add the crawling sensations that I feel sometimes and that’s a pretty accurate description.

Jesus is on my mind daily. I try to thank God for His protection as much as I can. I know that God is in control.  If you have read the book of Job in the Bible, than you also know that nothing happens without God’s permission. If it wasn’t for God’s protection, I think I’d be dead a long time ago. Satan knows that God gave me the message about the rapture of the Church. All the glory to God because I would have had no idea that Satan is planning on using the “alien” lie to explain what happened to the missing Christians when Jesus takes us in the twinkling of an eye.

It feels as if a dark cloud has slowly been creeping over the world the last number of years. Society in general seems to be getting worse by the day. There doesn’t seem to be as much happiness as years ago. People appear to be out for themselves. There is so much selfishness. There are some people who would run you off the road just to get in the next space. They’d watch your car burst into flames in the rear view mirror and not think twice about it. Knowing what I know, and seeing what I have seen, it grieves me that I am still a selfish sinner. Yes, I am saved through my faith in Jesus Christ and trusting Him alone as my Saviour. However, it frustrates me to no end that I continue to sin against my Lord who saved me from hell by the shedding of His precious blood.

I look around this fallen world and I’m constantly filled with sorrow for the lost.  They line-up outside of retail stores on Sundays to shop when they should be at church! Parents who should be guiding their children to Jesus to be saved are instead taking their children shopping! In my opinion, if children don’t learn the importance of Jesus Christ from their parents than their chances of turning to Jesus for salvation later in life is significantly decreased. That’s the main reason that Satan targets the family unit.

God so clearly showed me the truth of the Bible that I feel I should be shouting it from the rooftops. I often feel that I’m not doing enough. Thanks to the Lord, I can now see that the things in the material world are temporary. When I think of the things after one is saved that count for eternity- I can think of nothing greater than leading the lost to Jesus.  The most important aspect of one’s life is their personal trust in Jesus Christ- a saving faith. After that, “Soul winning” to me is of the absolute critical importance. Once a person is saved by Jesus, why wouldn’t that person want to lead more of the lost to Him to be saved?

Everyone must know that Jesus is God! When I was saved through faith in Jesus not that long ago- I see things differently. I thank Jesus for His faithfulness and for showing me the TRUTH. Initially, my conversion to Christ was so dramatic that I thought everyone must see the world differently now. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. It was strange to see people believing and acting as I once did before I was saved. I see people who are lost, walking around in the darkness as I had. Not that I still don’t sin! Don’t get that impression at all. Even though I’m saved, I must honestly say that I still sin on a daily basis. The main difference now is the guilt and also the amount of sin has diminshed! Before I was saved by Jesus, I really didn’t care about my sin. I wouldn’t feel too bad. Now I feel terrible when I’ve sinned because I know better! Then, with God’s strength, I try to turn from my sinful ways. I don’t try to turn from the sin I commit on a daily basis to be saved. I’m already saved. Nor do I try to turn from the sin with my own strength. Jesus took my place (and yours) on the cross. Jesus paid for my sins in full with His precious blood. So why do I try to turn from my sin? I try to turn from my sin because of my love for my Saviour Jesus and what He has done for me. There is nobody else who has ever laid down His life for me. Furthermore, at the moment of salvation the Holy Spirit dwells within the believer and seals that believer.

The Bible says that everything was created through Jesus Christ.  Jesus was born of a virgin and is both man and fully God.  Jesus created man and it was man, His own creation, who was the instrument in putting Him to death on the cross. One only needs to look at the witness testimonies of Jesus in the Bible after the crucifixion as proof that Jesus was absolutely everything He said He was. Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. Jesus lives right now!

I think that God is really being merciful and calling people to Jesus in these last days before the rapture. On one hand, we see a steady increase in demonic activity throughout the world, and on the other hand, God is at work trying to draw the lost to Jesus to be saved.

The rapture is going to be an amazing event. All true believers will instantly disappear and there will be chaos around the world. The rapture will seem like its right out of a movie because Satan has done such a good job cultivating the satanic “alien” lie in the movies. For those true believers, it will be heavenly bliss to be taken up to be with Jesus forever. For those unbelievers, it will be panic and confusion as they try to cope and understand what happened to the missing. Of course, Satan has the satanic “alien/Ufo” lie already prepared – so that a satisfactory explanation will be offered.